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Creating MS SQL 2000 Database with Access 2000, XP

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Microsoft Access 2000 and XP Only.
Customers with Microsoft Access 2000 and Windows XP installed on their computer have an easy way to interface with the SQL Server. To connect to you database and start working on it, you will need:

a. SQL Server IP Address
b. SQL Server UserID and Password
c. SQL Server database Name

Step 1.
Open Access 2000 or XP, and select menu choice, "File -> New -> Project(Existing Data)

Step 2.
Type in a name for the new project and Click on "Create"

Step 3.
Fill in the information requested by the "Data Link Properties"

Please Note: Server Name is the IP address of the server.

After completing the requested information, click on "test connection" button to make sure it works.

Step 4.
Now you can create tables and queries as you would normally to with Access

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