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Why can I receive email but cannot send email?

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Check the settings in your email software.

Some Internet Service Providers have recently decided to block PORT 25
(MindSpring, EarthLink, MediaOne, AOL, MSN--just to name a few)

which is used for sending email to mail servers.  They have chosen to do this to cut down on the amount of "SPAM" mail that is sent.  You can check with your dial-up provider to see if they are doing this.  If so, you can configure your PC to send email through their SMTP server and still receive email from your web site.  They can provide the settings for you to send email via their SMTP server without changing your POP server settings.  You should still be able to specify your web site email address as the sender (or reply to) email address.

If your provider has not blocked PORT 25 and your settings look correct

then contact us at and we'll check the settings.

You can also use the web mail service to send and receive email

by logging into using your full email address and email password.

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