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Website Hosting

Registering Your Domain Name

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1. Go to our Domain Registration Page and type in the "domain name" you want to register. This will check if the "domain name" you want is available or already taken (see figure 1).

figure 1.

2. If the "Domain name" is available, click on the "Reserve Now!" button to start registering "Domain Name."

3. First you need to fill out a "Domain Management Profile," The user name and the password will be the administrator's user name and password for managing your account. Then click "Next."

If you are a returning customer just log in using your previously registered domain name and the username and password then click "Next." (see figure 2).

figure 2.

*If you want to register multiple domain name's all at once go to our batch domain registration page.

4. Next step is the order form. Fill out all the necessary information.

Domain Information: How long do you want the "domain name" be registered. (see figure 3)

figure 3.

Note: a valid credit card is required to process the order.
Make sure that you agree with our terms and conditions and click on "Verify Order." (see figure 4)

figure 4.

*If you are registering multiple domain names separate each domain names with a comma. There is no limit to how many domain names you can register. (see figure 5)

figure 5.

5. Check if all the information is correct. If not just click on the back button of your browser to make corrections.

figure 6.

If everything is correct then click on "Order Now!" to finish the registration. (see figure 6).

Go Back  If you have any questions: or Phone 1-780-701-7282.



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