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Sending E-mail with CDONTS

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This example shows how to send an email with ASP. This is possible using CDO (Collaboration Data Objects), a COM library created to send email via SMTP protocol.

In order to run this example you must set the correct value for "from" and "to" properties of objCDO.

---------- SendMail.asp -------------------

<title> Here is the code for sending an email using ASP </title>


' declare a CDO object
dim objCDO

' create a CDO object
set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

' set the properties
objCDO.From = "youraccount@yourdomainname"
objCDO.To = "anotheraccount@domainname"
objCDO.Subject = "mail test"
objCDO.Body = "Hello this is a Test"

' send the email

set objCDO = Nothing

response.write ("Message successfully sent.")



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