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Adding an E-mail Alias

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An e-mail alias is a virtual mail box for your domain which routes your e-mail to another address directly without storing that e-mail.

*Note: Only the administrator account can Add a new email account.

1. Log in to your administrator mail account through the web using "" where "yourdomainname" is your actual domain name as your userID.

2. From the list menu under "Administrative Accounts Option," select "Alias Administration."


3. Then Click on the "Add" button.

4. Now type in an Alias ID (this will be Type in a Destination. This is the e-mail address where your e-mail will be forwarded to.

Alias ID
Alias names are limited to 45 characters and must be created from the character set of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, '_' and '-'. The name cannot contain spaces and must be unique within the system but can override the user ID

Standard Aliases
A standard alias can point to a single user ID on the same system, multiple user IDs on the same system, a remote mail address, multiple mail addresses, another alias, or any combination of the same. Please enter one complete mail address per line.
If Standard alias is greater than 128 characters then it gets converted into Group alias. If file name is given then it is taken as group file name otherwise alias name is taken as group file name.

Group Aliases
A group alias points to a file that contains a list of valid mail addresses, one per line. Please type the complete path and name of file which contains list of valid mail addresses. Path name should be given in DOS 8.3 format.

Type in all the information you need for then click on "Save."

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