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Frequently Asked Questions

At ITS Group Information Technology, the needs of the client are always at the forefront. Customer support is our number one priority. We feel that every member of our customer support team is an integral part of our company's ongoing success. We believe in fostering an environment that gives our employees the opportunity to grow professionally as well as culturally. By doing this, we have created a company in which employees are motivated to care for every individual client and provide first-class service that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Managing E-mail Accounts
Logging In Mail Account
Adding New Mail Account
Deleting Mail Account
Adding New Alias Account
Adding Catch all email
Why can I receive mail but not send mail?

Trouble Shooting
Common Database errors
Common FTP Problems
Common Frontpage 2000 Problems
SMTP error "10051"
550 unknown local host, not a gateway errors
SQL Server registration or Enterprise Manager
Timing Out

Configuring E-mail Software
How to Configure SMTP Authentication?
Outlook Express
Outlook 2000
Netscape 6
Eudora Pro 5

Live Stats
Logging in Live Stats
Adding User
Changing Password
Changing User Permissions

Uploading Your Web Sites
Cute FTP
Cute FTP Tutorial Unix
Cute FTP Tutorial Windows
Cute  WS FTP Tutorial Unix
Cute WS FTP Tutorial Windows
Frontpage 98
Frontpage 2000, 2002
Visual InterDev 6.0
Visual Studios .NET
Dreamweaver 4.0
UltraDev 4.0

Domain Name
Domain Transfer/DNS info
Registering Domain Name
Manage Your Domain Name
Changing Password
Create/Manage Sub User
Changing Ownership of the Domain
Changing Name Server for your Domain Name
More Domain Name FAQ's
DNS Tutorial
SQL Server
How to convert Access database to SQL server?
Creating data tables using Access 2000, XP
Setting up MS SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager
How do I export and import data between two
SQL Servers?
ASP and .NET
Available ASP Components
ASP SmartUpload Sample ASP script
ASPTear Sample ASP script
CDONT Sample ASP script
Web Hosting
Web Hosting FAQ
Changing Web Hosts
Hosting Types
What to look for in a Provider

Agreements & Policies
Acceptable Use Policies
Privacy Statement
Domain Name Service Agreement
Domain Renewal Policy
Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
Adult Site Policy
Terms of Use

More FAQ's
E-mail FAQ
Customer Service FAQ
Privacy & Security FAQ
Billing FAQ
Sales FAQ
Password FAQ
Ticket Manager FAQ
Search Engine Tips
What is CVV2?

This area contains documents to help answer questions that you may have related to your web service. We will be adding more documents to this searchable archive when ever new topics are brought to our attention. If you have a question that you'd like to see answered here, please email it to us.

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