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Tired of wasting time with junk e-mail and harmful viruses? Try our new junk e-mail and virus filtration service free for 30 days.


Are you...

Tired of your company e-mail being filled with solicitations for credit cards, get rich quick schemes, scams, Viagra, etc?

Offended by pornographic e-mail?

Fed up with e-mail viruses that corrupt your systems?

Frustrated by tons of e-mails that have no relation to your business?

If you've answered yes to any of these then you (and your company) need our Stealth anti-spam and anti-virus service. We have incorporated advanced filtering technologies and algorithms into our e-mail handling servers to eliminate up to 90% of unwanted Spam mail and almost all viruses within hours of their release.

ITS Group Information Technology offers a simple & cost effective dual-protection system. With no hardware or software to be installed, managed or updated on your site, the scanning service offers an ideal way to protect your connection to the Internet.

Even domain names not hosted by ITS Group Information Technology can be protected from harmful viruses and spam. All at a cost that is less than an in-house subscription service and is more reliable and robust than a LAN license.

This is a serious and significant service that can save you time, money, embarrassment and the requirement for disaster recovery!

Stealth Anti-Virus & Spam Protection provides privacy, security, and protection for anyone with an email account. Stealth destroys all emails containing SPAM and viruses before they get to your inbox. With Stealth you get:

  • Peace of mind - protection from SPAM, viruses, and online predators for you and your family.
  • Value - an email account with up to 20 megabytes of storage. Ten times bigger than the competition!
  • Convenience - no complicated software to install.
  • Keep your existing email address.
  • Hassle-free service - no advertisements in your inbox and no need to log on frequently to avoid inactivation.
  • Privacy - we don't sell your information or email address to anyone.

Click here to receive more info about our Spam and Virus Filtering Service!

Stealth Anti-Virus and Spam Control is the answer for protecting your systems please call us today 780 - 619 - 7756 for a FREE Consultation.

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  The Cost of Virus Attacks

Email is the source of 83% of all virus infections.
The risk of a virus infection has risen 15% per year for the past two years.
The average server downtime per virus infection is 14 hours.
It takes an average of 4 person-days to recover from a virus infection.
The average direct cost per virus infection is US$5,500.

- 7th Annual Virus Prevalence Survey, ICSA Labs

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