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RENTPRO Property Rental Management

RentPro the Property Rental Manager allows property rental agencies a tool to offer properties, photo tours, and information on each of their managed properties.  Fully searchable for the end users.  Makes finding your next vacation getaway a point and click cinch!
EXCELLENCE is achieved by those who CARE more than others think they should, RISK more than others think is safe, DREAM more than others think is practical, and TRY HARDER than others think is necessary.

Our RentPro Property Rental Guide site makes it easy for you to put all your rental properties on the internet and update them right through your browser.

Technology is supposed to make things easier, less complicated, and more efficient. Others may have forgotten this simple fact, but we haven't.

Below are a few of the features!
  • Completely searchable by, type, location, beds and more
  • Upload your properties & photos with your browser
  • Add new rates & specials by dates
  • Have multiple property photos with the "PhotoTour"
  • Change fields in the database
  • Design your own reports
  • Modify the interface
  • more features>>
Tried and true, this product has been continually improved and refined for over 7 years. Designed for small to large rental companies, ITS Group Information Technology's RentPro Property Management program is packed with features and business tools to help you gain the insight you need to be competitive.  Visit our Demo

Don't Delay! Sign up today and we'll show you just how affordable and easy this system is to use. Contact 1- 780-701-7282  or e-mail Sales.

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