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Auction Assembler for World-Class Auctions


Auction Assembler enables users to build world-class online auctions and exchanges that can be fully customized for any dynamic commerce application. you could have your auction up and running in a matter of hours.

ITS Group Information Technology offers a turn-key auction software solution to build, host, and support your auction Web site. Now you can easily manage your own privately branded real time online auction.

With the explosive growth of online auctions, Auction Assembler provides a tool for companies to build dynamic and scalable auctions without the high price tag of other enterprise auction solutions.

ITS Group Information Technology's real time auction system enables you to extend your business's market share and income potential via the dynamic world of online bidding. Auctions are a business area that leverages the Internet to its fullest potential.

Clients who used to conduct absentee auctions via fax, phone and email are now generating more bids and spending a fraction of the time they did previously, tracking and administering the auction.

Auction Features
  • Customer-to-Customer, Business-to-Customer or Business-to-Business auction model.
  • Role Based Security Implemented
  • Registered users Services.
  • Automatic Auction notification.
  • Reverse Auction capability.
  • Dutch Auction Supported.
  • Reserve Price Auction Supported.
  • Private Auction capability.
  • Sealed Bid Auction Available.
  • Featured and Bold Item listing in main and sub category.
  • CyberCash transaction supported.
  • Email auction to a others.
  • Escrow Services Available.
  • Cascading Style Sheet implemented.
  • User Feedback capability.
  • Auto-Extend Auction time.
  • User Message Center.
  • Standard (English) Auction capability.
  • Complete bidding history available for each item.
  • Auto Bidding.
  • Syndication - share content with other web sites more>>
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