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VIP Reseller Partner Program - Join Today!
Start Earning Money Now!

With ITS Group Information Technologyís generous Reseller Program, you can start earning money today. Joining the Reseller Program is easy! Sign-up here to be a reseller.

Simply fill out this form and click the submit button at the bottom. That's all there is to it! We'll e-mail you a welcome letter with your VIP Reseller Partner ID, username, password, and helpful URLs so you can take full advantage of the VIP Reseller Partner Program today!

Login Information

Your  Username   *
Your Password   *
Website Information

Primary Company Web Site Address: www.   *
Agent Domain Name*
*Please specify the name you would like us to consider when creating your personalized co-branded website. Please note, this website will be accessed by all of your customer referrals.
Company Information

Company Name   *
U.S. Federal Employer Identification Number  or, Canadian GST Number     *
  Format ##-#######
*If you cannot provide a Federal Tax Id or GST Number, please provide your Social Security # in the next field.
U.S. Social Security Number  
    Format ###-##-####
ITS Group Information Technology  requires any US persons to provide either an FEIN or SSN in order to comply with IRS reporting requirements.
Business Category     *

If other:

How did you hear about our  Reseller  Program?   *
Are you currently offering web hosting solutions?    *
Please check each box beside the statement if you understand and agree:

You agree NOT to solicit ANY services through bulk e-mail using the
      e-mail that we provide you with. You also agree NOT to promote by
      unsolicited e-mail.

You agree not to use other VIP Reseller Partners' e-mail addresses to promote any
      other services. Name and e-mail harvesting is also strictly prohibited.

Residual monthly commissions and bonuses cannot be transferred or sold.

As a VIP Reseller Partner, you are an independent contractor and not an employee
      of You are responsible for declaring your own income.

You agree not to mislead potential customers in any way. If the answer to a
      question that has been asked is not known, you can ask support.

In addition to the above terms, please see our VIP Reseller  Partner Terms and Conditions. By becoming an ITS Group Information Technology VIP Partner, you acknowledge that you have read these documents and will abide by their provisions.

By selecting the Submit button below, I certify that the number provided is my correct taxpayer identification number and that I am a U.S. person (including a U.S. resident alien).

* Have any questions please give our sales team a call today 1-780-701-7282 or e-mail Sales

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