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VIP Reseller Partner Program - Benefits

Because customers today are expecting more options, better solutions and increased flexibility, ITS Group Information Technology is inviting you to join our growing Agent Partner network. Doing so will help you capitalize on additional business in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.

ITS Group Information Technology partners are able to tap into the vast array of resources at ITS Group Information Technology, and take advantage of opportunities to grow your business through:

Selling ITS Group Information Technology services, to augment your present product or service offerings by providing leading-edge hosting solutions and unmatched support for end-users.

Co-branded marketing, with ITS Group Information Technology a leader in the hosting industry, will provide you with a competitive advantage.

Partner administration tools, a password-protected portal for obtaining ITS Group Information Technology marketing materials, resources and account status and commission reporting.

Proper tracking, we use co-branded portals, order systems and cookie-based technology to ensure your efforts will not go unrecognized.

Partner sales support, providing assistance for ITS Group Information Technology services and programs through a personal account manager.

Special programs, promotions and rebates on selected ITS Group Information Technology offerings for your customers only.

Recurring revenue, based on your sales of ITS Group Information Technology products, the partner program is designed to provide an additional revenue stream for you.

Please note: The commission table below is valid for all hosting plans except domain name registration and dedicated servers.

Web Hosting Commission Structure

number of active
hosting packages
2-9 15%
10-24 20%
25-49 25%
50+ 30%

As your account volume increases, so does your commission. The revenue share applies to fees generated by hosting services and is paid as long as you remain a member.

Dedicated Server Commission Structure

Monthly Revenue

Earns Marginal Rate of

(Set Up Fee + Monthly Recurring Fee) X 25%

Dedicated Server sales will be paid a flat fee, one time payment. The one time maximum payout amount is $500.00

Team Up with the Best!
To get started, please fill out the online application. For more information, contact us at e-mail Sales. Still have questions? Please see our Agent FAQ's


* Give our sales team a call today 1-780-701-7282 or e-mail Sales

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