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Vulnerability Makes You The Perfect Target For Attack!

Email programs have vulnerabilities that make you the perfect target for a virus
attack. Virus programmers know this!

Trying to catch a fresh email virus is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! By the time your antivirus software presents a cure, it's too late.

This is a nightmare no one wants to experience.

You'll never have to worry about getting viruses such as the "I Love You", "Nimda", "Love Bug" or "Melissa". Mailbox Filter prevents attachments from automatically opening and spreading a virus. This is a common virus trick.

Viewing messages in your email program can allow viruses access to your computer! Now you can safely look at any message before accepting it using Mailbox Filter's secure view.

Anti-virus protection - secure your business from computer virus crime.

Did you know a computer virus can monitor access to your Online Banking facility and reveal your passwords to a hacker?

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost your business, if your computer was crippled by computer viruses?

The reality is businesses pay $1,000's for insurance against theft, but a far bigger risk to your business is from viruses. Stealth Anti-Virus protects your business against malicious virus attacks.

In addition to securing inbound email and ensuring viruses do not enter the network, Stealth can also scan outbound email to protect the companies with whom your organization communicates. A company's reputation is important, and being the source of a damaging virus, worm, or Trojan horse that infects the systems of customers, partners, and suppliers can do harm to that reputation.

Stealth Anti-Virus provides many benefits including:

Better security Multiple anti-virus engines and content-blocking capability ensure that malicious content does not enter the corporate network.

Cost effective Stealth offers multiple anti-virus engines at a significantly lower cost than most companies would pay to purchase, deploy, and manage their own multi-engine solution.

Rapid Updates Stealth anti-virus updates occur every ten minutes; our operations staff can make changes to the network to block malicious content within minutes.

Highly reliable Our customers know that they are getting the most reliable and secure solution on the market today.

Do you know a victim of computer viruses? Don't become one, protect your business before its too late.

Pricing and Licensing
For more information or to receive a quotation, please contact our sales department at: 780 - 619 - 7756 or email sales.

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Protect your network and optimize corporate email usage by stopping spam at the gateway.

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  The Cost of Virus Attacks

Email is the source of 83% of all virus infections.
The risk of a virus infection has risen 15% per year for the past two years.
The average server downtime per virus infection is 14 hours.
It takes an average of 4 person-days to recover from a virus infection.
The average direct cost per virus infection is US$5,500.

- 7th Annual Virus Prevalence Survey, ICSA Labs

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