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Stealth provides flexible control over the security and usage of corporate email systems at the gateway level, to protect against productivity loss, network downtime and vulnerability of informational assets associated with unsolicited or malicious email.

IMPORTANT:  You don't even have to host your website with us to take advantage of our Stealth Anti-Virus and Spam Control systems.

Stealth is a highly effective email filtering system for spam protection, virus protection, and corporate policy enforcement.

  • Why Stealth is essential for your network today

  • Email will become the number one business communication medium by 2005 according to Forester Research.

  • 35% of business email is UCE (spam) according to the Gartner Group.

  • UCE costs over $1000 in lost productivity per employee per year.

  • Continual increases in viruses and UCE (spam) increase IT budgets.

  • UCE has significant lost productivity cost to your organization.

  • Inappropriate content in the work place opens significant legal concerns.

Does Spam or Junk Email Cost Your Business Money?

Junk e-mail arriving everyday? All the latest ads trying to sell your employees miracle weight cures, get rich quick schemes and links to pornographic web sites? Junk mail is now estimated to consume 33% of all email traffic. This is junk that fills your employee’s e-mail boxes, wastes their time and costs your company money. How would you like to get rid of that junk? You can with Stealth Anti-Spam Filter.

Our new service can filter your e-mail and block up to 90% of spam messages. The filters feature advance adaptive technology to separate unsolicited junk mail from your accounts. If an unsolicited e-mail still reaches your e-mail box, you simply notify our team and they can block the sender for you.

On the rare occurrence that a legitimate message is caught in the filter and returned to the sender, the sender will be notified of the rejection reason and contact information. The sender can then contact our team for resolution.

With just a phone call, you can set up Managed Anti-Spam Service and see amazing results the following day:

  • Filters stop up to 90% of spam
  • Increase productivity with less employee distraction
  • Easy set-up
  • Low usage cost
  • Get results the very next day

How safe is your email?

Do you think you can avoid a computer virus by not opening an attachment? Sometimes just previewing an email can launch a virus and infect your computer.

Ninety percent of today's viruses arrive by email. Viruses can take up computer memory, expose your computers to hackers and even cause system crashes which can often lead to data loss.

Add protection to your email with Stealth Anti-Virus.

How does Stealth Anti-Virus  work?

The Stealth Anti-virus system checks incoming and outgoing email for viruses. When a virus is detected, our service will email the recipient or sender which has encountered a virus.

The infected email is then quarantined for 24 hours. Infected email will be deleted in 24 hours unless you contact our team and request the message to be saved. Information is proved in the virus detection notification with contact information of our support team.

Stealth Anti-Virus Benefits:

  •  Stop viruses before they hit your email box
  •  Additional protection to your desktop Anti-Virus scanner
  •  24 x 7 protection
  •  No configuration changes required to your system
  •  Easy way to protect traveling users
  •  Low monthly cost

Stealth Anti-Virus and Spam Control is the answer for protecting your systems please call us today 780 - 619 - 7756 for a FREE Consultation.

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Protect your network and optimize corporate email usage by stopping spam at the gateway.

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  The Cost of Virus Attacks

Email is the source of 83% of all virus infections.
The risk of a virus infection has risen 15% per year for the past two years.
The average server downtime per virus infection is 14 hours.
It takes an average of 4 person-days to recover from a virus infection.
The average direct cost per virus infection is US$5,500.

- 7th Annual Virus Prevalence Survey, ICSA Labs

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