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Is Spam Driving You Crazy?
All you need is the right weapon...

Tired of clicking the delete button? Imagine being able to read your important email without looking through all that spam... Think of the time you'll save!

Now you never have to worry about being a virus victim again! Stealth's New virus protection technology stops viruses BEFORE they reach your computer.

Just when you thought it wasn't possible, you can take back 100% control of your inbox... And there's NO manual sorting - everything's fully automated for you!

Stealth email Filter Keeps Spam Out Of Your Mailbox So You Can Do More Important Things

Do You Have These Symptoms of Email Overload?

Does the idea of an email attachment opening, crashing your computer and losing years' worth of work bother you?

Are you wasting time sorting through all that junk mail just so you can handle your important email right away?

Do you dread checking your email because you know you'll see messages such as, "free sex now", or "make $1,000 a day"?

If so, you may be experiencing email overload!

Introducing Stealth Spam Control! A state-of-the-art email filtering program that gives you instant relief from all that junk mail. It protects against viruses too! 
Stealth offers the most effective Spam filtering service around! Stealth will dramatically reduce the amount of junk email your receive while requiring no configuration changes on your computer.

There's no need to download any software as it runs off our mail servers. Below we describe some of the techniques Stealth Spam Protection employs to defend against mail abuse. Heck, you don't even have to host your website to take advantage of this money saving system.

Give our sales team a call today 1-780-701-7282 or e-mail Sales.

  Protect Your Business

Best E-Mail Protection

Protect your network and optimize corporate email usage by stopping spam at the gateway.

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  The Cost of Virus Attacks

Email is the source of 83% of all virus infections.
The risk of a virus infection has risen 15% per year for the past two years.
The average server downtime per virus infection is 14 hours.
It takes an average of 4 person-days to recover from a virus infection.
The average direct cost per virus infection is US$5,500.

- 7th Annual Virus Prevalence Survey, ICSA Labs

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