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Do I need to change my Email Address to use the service?

No, unless you are using Hotmail or the non-premium Yahoo account. If you sign up for the Normal package, you can setup Email Forwarding to pull the messages off the other mail server and put on our mail server. Your outgoing mail will go through the same ISP you are using now, and you can still send as the same email address you were using before.

I keep getting a popup window in MS Outlook or Netscape that says, "Invalid Password, please enter password".

Make sure to enter your COMPLETE EMAIL ADDRESS for the username. Our mail server requires the domain name part too and not just the pop3 username for the configuration.

 Do I have to host with ITS Group Information Technology to use Stealth Spam Control?

No,  now anyone that wants to take advantage of our Stealth Spam and Virus protection can, even if you have your own mail server INCLUDING Microsoft Exchange Server, Groupwise, Novell, or any other proprietary mail server can use Stealth. The BONUS  for routing mail through our system, it  gives an extra layer of security as well it  makes your server invisible to the rest of the world. All this without making any major changes to your existing system.  We can you have you up and running in 5 minutes. Contact us for details 1-780-618-7756 or emails sales. Now you can be protected from all the nasty spam, viruses and junk out there.

My Emails are still arriving unfiltered. What's the deal?

Most likely you are pulling your Emails off your old mailserver. You will need to have configure your current ISP or webhosting company to forward your Emails to your new Stealth Email address. If you do not have that ability, you can have your Emails forwarded with our "Normal Package". You would enter your AOL username and password or POP3 servername, username, and password and we will pull your emails off your old server, put on the new server, and filter. The emails will be deleted off the old server after being forwarded to the Stealth Email server.

What happens if I have the "Lite" package and I get more than 1,000 Emails in a month?

First of all, we only count the number of non-answered confirmation Emails that are sent in the 1,000 Email count which is essentially the number of SPAM messages your are getting per month. At 15 seconds per message, you would be wasting more than 4 hours a month with SPAM. We will automatically upgrade your package to the "Normal" package, but wouldn't it be worth an extra $5 per month to save 4 hours?

Can I use Stealth if I have a webpage at another company?

In most cases yes.  Have your hosting company add the following information to their DNS : MX record points to, and add an "a" record for that points to our Stealth server.

What is the best way to promote Stealth so that I can get the $1 per person referral bonus?

We recommend customizing your Verification Message or placing a banner ad on your website.

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