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ezShop E-Commerce Hosting

Regardless of what products you sell online, from health care products to oilfield widgets to plumbing supplies to flower baskets our Shopping Cart Application, will make it easier for you to manage your e-business with it's powerful features.

Administer your store quickly and easily from the
Web Based Administration!

Merchant Features

  • Browser based product and order administration

  • Ability for administrator to place orders for any customer in the database.

  • Comprehensive Order Reporting

  • Database includes all countries of the world and states/territories, along with the currency name and currency code. Allow orders to any or all of these countries or home country only.

  • Issue Store Credits

  • "Unlimited" configuration options on a per item basis.

  • Price items based on size, style or both.

  • Adjustable shipping weight for each size and/or style of an item

  • Products may be broken down by main category/sub category and manufacturer, artist, etc.

  • Prices may be based on quantities purchased. Allows for, and verifies, minimum and maximum quantities.

  • "Multi-Item" setup option to allow customers to purchase any or all of a group of products from a single page.

  • Encourages cross buying by relating discounted items to the main item (related discounted items cannot be purchased without purchasing the main item)

Flexible Shipping Configuration

  •  *"Live" UPS Online® Tools XML Shipping & Tracking. Please click here for features and other important notes.

  •  *"Live" U.S. Postal Service XML Web Tools

  •  *Set your own rates based on weight.

  •  *Set rates "per order".

  •  *Set rates based on order total.

  •  *Allow "Drop Ship" orders in which shipping is not calculated at checkout. This is convenient if you have items shipping from different fulfillment houses making rate calculation impossible. Not to be used in conjunction with real time processing.

  • Specify the maximum package weight. For example, if you set the maximum package weight to 25 lbs, and a customer orders six 5 lb. items (30 lbs. total), two 15 pound packages will be calculated by UPS, U.S. Postal Service, or using your own calculations.

  • Set any item to be calculated individually by adding dimensions on that item. Dimensions will be transmitted to UPS or U.S. Postal Service, returning the shipping rate for an oversize package if applicable.

  • Two additional "Freight" shipping variables are available. One for domestic, one for international. Any item that is too large to ship using your standard carrier, or is restricted by the carrier, may be given a unique "Freight" shipping rate.

  • Choose whether to allow your customers to choose a different shipping method for each individual package, or choose a single shipping method for the entire order.

  • Set your own "per item" rates, either individually or across the board.

  • Handling charges may be applied to entire order or to each package in shipment. An additional handling charge may be set on any country.

  • Allow shipping To billing address only or to any address.

  • Notify customers of order shipment, including tracking number with link to shipper's website (or to your own branded UPS tracking page if using UPS Online XML Tools) if desired.

  • Electronic Delivery. Items available immediate for download on order approval if using real-time processing. Otherwise, you must manually approve the order to allow items to be downloaded.

Any combination of the first 6 items (marked with *) may be used for any country, for Alaska and Hawaii and for APO/FPO (except UPS which does not ship to APO/FPO addresses. For example, you may use UPS Online® Tools to calculate shipping within the contiguous US, use U.S. Postal Service Web Tools to calculate shipping to APO/FPO addresses (and add a $10.00 handling charge for the additional paperwork), set your own rates for orders to Alaska and Hawaii, set a flat "per order" rate for shipments to Canada and Mexico and calculate shipping based on order total to all other countries. No other shopping cart in the industry has the shipping flexibility of ezshop!

Storefront Features

  • Quick 2 step customer checkout. (The files under your secure URL must be able to access the database)

  • Advanced search capabilities. Boolean ("And" or "Or") searches by Manufacturer, Product ID, Product Name or Product Description by price range if desired.

  • Customers may view order status and summary of past orders.

  • Works if cookies are disabled. MOST SHOPPING CARTS DO NOT!

  • Electronic Gift Certificates

  • Traditional Gift Certificates

  • Global currencies specified by the merchant may be changed by the customer "on-the-fly". Exchange rates must currently be kept up-to-date manually by the merchant.

Multi-Level Banner Driven Affiliate Program

  • Up to 10 levels deep.

  • Increase Top level and/or Sub level payouts on a per affiliate basis.

  • Monthly and Year End reports in email and/or delimited format.


  • MS Access Compatible. Database included.

  • MS SQL Server 7 and MS SQL Server 7 2000 compatible. SQL Server 7 backup database and data files included, easily restored on a SQL Server 7 or SQL Server 2000 box.

  • MySQL compatible (automated database creation and setup instructions included).

  • Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux and Sun compatible.

  • ColdFusion 4.01, 4.51, 5.0 and CFMX compatible.

"Live" Inventory Control

  • Once a customer places a controlled item into their cart, the corresponding quantity immediately becomes unavailable to other shoppers.

  • Item is automatically placed back into inventory if the shopper's session times out or if the customer removes the item from their cart.

  • Item is removed on a permanent basis at checkout.

  • Inventory control may be disabled.

Global Tax Options

  • Multiple Tax States and Rates, including County and Municipal Taxes if applicable.

  • US: Set tax rates on any number of states. Tax shipping charges if required in any states.

  • US: Set tax rates on any county or counties in any or all taxable states.

  • US: Set tax rates on any city or cities in any or all taxable states.

  • Worldwide: Set tax rates on any single country.

  • Worldwide: Set tax rates based on line item or total invoice including shipping.

  • Items are set as taxable or non-taxable based on category.

Discount Features

  • Customer Specific Discounts

  • Store-wide Discounts

  • Promotional Discounts

  • Bankable "Web Bucks". Issue X number of Web Bucks for every X number of dollars spent, encouraging return shopping. Web Bucks may be cashed in with any future purchase or allowed to accumulate. Web Bucks may be changed to reflect your products. For example, if you sell pet supplies, you could change the name to "Doggie Dollars".

Real-time credit card processors supported:

These are the most widely used payment gateways. If your current credit card processor is not listed, and you are interested in using ezShop, please contact us for a quote. We look forward to your call 1-780-701-7282 or  you may e-mail Sales.

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