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Dedicated Servers cost effective, reliable, & flexible.

Do you want to run a successful business on the Internet?

Get your dedicated server now!
No more living on a crowded virtual hosting machine.

A dedicated server is a single computer fully devoted to the needs of one customer. They allow for faster access to information and provide greater flexibility in software, site traffic management, and scalability. ITS Group Information Technology is a leading provider of dedicated server Web hosting solutions.

The server hardware, routing equipment, and network connectivity is monitored and maintained by the service provider (in this case, ITS Group Information Technology) while the server software is (optionally) maintained by the customer.

You can choose hardware configuration from our  pre set packages (online in 24 hours) or we can build custom machine for you according to your needs.

If you want to run your business on a dedicated server and you aren't strong in server administration, our highly skilled staff will administer it for you. They will also install operating system and software packages that you need for your business. See Managed Hosting. They can move your data from your old location to our server and will help you running your applications on a new server. For each dedicated server with UNIX-like operating system (Linux,BSD,Solaris) we provide dedicated server control panel (webmail, webftp, webmin). Please read dedicated hosting FAQs if you want to know details about free services and software included in dedicated hosting packages.

Get your own server with Red Hat Linux, FreeBSD or Windows 2000 pre-installed with your choice of Ensim or Plesk control panels for a strong, ready-to-go platform. You'll have plenty of storage and memory, plus fast connections to the Internet and backup power in our datacenter.

  • High-bandwidth, Redundant connections
  • Secure, environmentally controlled facility.
  • Full Backup-Power
  • No Local Loop or Telco Charges
  • Full Control of your servers via PcAnywhere
  • No long term contracts! Cancel with 30 days notice

Dedicated servers are the ideal solution for high-traffic web sites, databases, hosting multiple sites, & other applications where you need a powerful stand-alone platform.

Why settle for web hosting when you can rent your OWN SERVER in a world-class datacenter for not much more? When you are ready to manage your own Internet presence (or the Internet presence of your customers), ITS Group Information Technology has the affordable, reliable solutions you need.

For sales questions, check out our frequently asked questions or call 1-780-701-7282 or Email our Sales Team.

Terms: No long-term contracts required, cancel with 30 days notice. First month & setup fee due at start.

* 4 IP addresses are standard with all server plans. All customers actually receive 2 /30 subnets per ARIN guidelines, putting each server on its own private LAN (VLAN). One /30 (4 IPs) is for the interface, and the other /30 (4 IPs) are useable (Windows servers 3 usable). Unlimited IP addresses are available per ARIN guidelines for $2 per IP additional address per month.

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FrontPage Extension support in all of our Windows  Plans.

Shopping with us is 100% Safe & Secure.  

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