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Co-location Overview
Co-location Order Form
Co-location FAQ's
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Hi-Tech Secure Co-location Facility

Host your server in our data center! Located in Edmonton, Alberta our facility provides a robust, reliable and secure environment to host your servers.

We offer friendly, expert service and a range of flexible support options to suit the individual needs of customers big and small. Whether you're an ISP, web developer, large corporation or small business, ITS Group Information Technology co-location and dedicated servers are the affordable high performance Internet hosting alternative.

All servers are given their own fully burstable dedicated switch port and include 24/7 monitoring, free reboots, backup power, and hosting in a temperature controlled secure environment . Our powerful network ensures maximum speed and reliability with the ability to expand as needed. Redundant subsystems, power on the premises and backup generator provides the highest levels of reliability.


A state-of-the-art facility, quality service and support all at very affordable prices makes ITS Group Information Technology by far the best value for co-location and dedicated server service in Canada.


ITS Group Information Technology's facilities are located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada..  Long distance customers can rely on ITS Group Information Technology  for prompt remote hands support. * IMPORTANT reboots are FREE.


The facility is connected to its own mains power substation within the building. In case of interruption to mains power, backup power is readily available in case of an outage.

Each rackspace is individually connected to its own circuit breaker, so power to your equipment will not be affected if another customer's equipment 'throws a breaker'.


We only use Cisco switches and routers for internal networking and Internet connections.

Internet Connectivity

Connections to multiple high capacity Internet backbones, using different carriers and entries to the data centre. In the event of an outage on one path the connection will automatically switch to other paths.


Our Internet connectivity is provided through the high speed local backbones and international links of suppliers.

Our paths to the Internet are fully redundant . In the event of an outage on one path the connection will switch to another path.

We pay extremely close attention to bandwidth usage, ensuring capacity exceeds demand.

Rack Cabinets

ITS Group Information Technology provides both 600mm and 800mm depth cabinets. Each cabinet can be fitted with lockable front and rear doors for additional security and to keep cables neatly tucked away. Rack space starts at only $99 per month and is available in single server to quarter, third, half or full rack increments. We also provide independently lockable 20ru cabinets if required.

Air Conditioning

The environment within the facility is constantly monitored and air conditioned maintaining both temperature and humidity.


The building and network room within are independently secured with around-the-clock systems management and personnel monitoring.

Customer access to equipment is escorted and supervised by ITS Group Information Technology personnel at all times.

A staging area outside of the main network room is available for customers requiring on-site access to equipment for extended periods.

Network Operations Centre

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is located within the building along side the Network Room, so engineers are close by should a problem arise.

ITS Group Information Technology  gives you the added benefits of our engineers who are fully certified with years of experience in networking, Internet, and systems architecture. 

We understand the needs of customers when choosing to host equipment remotely. In addition to providing for customers routine support needs, our team of highly skilled on-site engineers provide our customers with expert and timely support.

All of this means that your server will be housed in a physical and technical environment that offers the speed and reliability necessary for your critical data.

Please call us today 780 - 619 - 7756 for a FREE Consultation. Return to Top

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