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ColdFusion Overview

If you are searching for a reliable, affordable ColdFusion hosting provider
for your ColdFusion web site, then look no further than ITS Group Information Technology.
All ColdFusion hosting services are provided on Windows 2000 Servers dedicated solely to hosting ColdFusion web sites.

Our servers are NEVER overloaded. In our secure, climate-controlled NOC, our servers, internal network, and multi-homed backbone connections are monitored 24/7 by on-premises technicians to ensure maximum up-time and optimal performance.

Essential MX Support For Serious CF Developers
With support for the latest MX version of ColdFusion, we offer ColdFusion developers the most advanced Windows 2000 server platform to deploy XML-based applications, custom tags, Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX support, full SQL Server 2000 integration, bonus ASP.NET support, and much more.

What is ColdFusion?
Cold Fusion can be used to create a wide variety of applications that integrate relational databases with the Web on Intranets and the Internet. Applications range from dynamic Web sites to enterprise-wide GroupWare.

Cold Fusion enables dynamic, data-driven Web sites that use pages which are generated on the fly from information stored in databases and provided by users. Page content can be instantly customized based on user requests. Dynamic sites allow users to enter and retrieve information and offer unparalleled ease of maintenance and administration.

More complicated applications include online customer feedback, order entry, event registration, bulletin-board style conferencing, technical support, interactive training, and a wide variety of information publishing applications. Advanced applications include internal client/server systems and Web-based GroupWare. These applications can be used on the Internet or as part of enterprise-wide networks (Intranets).

Developing applications with Cold Fusion does not require coding in a traditional programming language like Perl, C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, or Delphi. Instead, developers build applications by combining standard HTML with high-level database commands stored in templates. This method of Web Application Development is simpler, faster and more flexible than first generation, code-intensive techniques. With Cold Fusion, developers can leverage the power of the Web and relational databases to create dynamic Web sites and full-scale Web applications.

Basic Functions

  • Insert and update records in database tables with HTML forms.
  • Submit database queries that can then be used to dynamically generate Web pages. For example, use database query results to create menus, populate select boxes and produce document lists.
  • Intermix the results of queries with HTML tags and text for complete control over how data is displayed and formatted.
  • Present the results of queries in attractively formatted tables.
    Send e-mail messages (SMTP) that use address and message content from database queries.
  • Track users and customize their view of Web pages by using information about their browser, location, or other preferences.

Advanced Data Input and Reporting Features

  • Validate form field entries as integer, floating point, date, or numeric range.
  • Require entry into form fields.
  • Access CGI variables to track records with date/time, client IP address, browser type, e-mail address, and other information.
  • Control output formatting for dates, times, numbers, and currency values.
  • Replace CR/LF sequences automatically with <P> tags to correctly format output from memo fields.

Advanced Development Features

  • Make conditional statements (if...else branching) to dynamically customize output returned to users and decisions about queries submitted to the database.
  • Include templates within other templates to reuse complex code, formats or functions. (Similar to the include functionality found in programming languages.)
  • Embed SQL statements in templates to specify queries. SQL statements may be dynamically customized using data from form submissions, URL query strings, and CGI environment variables, as well as the results returned from other queries.
  • Place variables within SQL statements to specify queries and choose databases. Dynamic SQL allows developers to choose what SQL statements are sent within any given SQL query.
  • Execute multiple SQL queries and send SQL queries to multiple databases for each client request.
  • Call stored procedures (with parameters) in databases that support them (e.g. SQL Server).
  • Deliver data-driven Java applets and dynamically-generated JavaScript.
    Administer (local and remote) options and preferences with an easy to use GUI.
  • Declare variables within templates and create cookies (variables that are stored in the browser).
  • Generate comprehensive error reporting, debugging data and logging information to enable rapid and easy application development.
    Set content type for documents to support database-driven VRML and other standards.
  • Draw on comprehensive on-line support available directly on the Web. This includes software, technical articles, a user conference, and a searchable knowledge base.

Data Base Compatibility

Cold Fusion uses 32-bit ODBC drivers to communicate with a wide variety of relational database systems. Cold Fusion is engineered to ensure maximum database inter-operability and should work correctly with all available 32-bit ODBC drivers. (See notes below on compatibility testing and requirements.)
Cold Fusion has been tested for compatibility with the Microsoft ODBC Desktop Drivers, which are bundled with the product. The set of drivers includes support for the following databases:
You may use Microsoft® Access, Excel etc. You can not use FoxPro. Depending on what type of account you have, you may also use SQL Server. Except for SQL databases, when you create a database you will need to alert technical support so we can make sure the permissions are set correctly. 

* Please Contact our sales team a call today 1-780-701-7282 or e-mail Sales

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