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This page will describe our investments that help us continue to meet your needs.

The People

We are here for YOU! Our staff is friendly, professional and have Internet savvy. We believe in service with a smile. It doesn’t matter if you are new to this, building one page, or have complex business needs. Our staff is pleasant, helpful and we will treat you with respect.

We also have a wide range of specialists on hand -- from web designers to database programmers, we have experienced insiders who will help you make the most of your web hosting needs.

We’ll even try to save you money.

The Network

A tremendous amount of time, research and money goes into our network infrastructure. The bottom line result is that we want to insure your web site remains accessible at all times and at the highest Internet speeds possible. Nothing is worse that having a website that crawls.

The network environment further includes:

 Battery UPS back-up to generator power
 Fully redundant HVAC system
 Controlled temperature and humidity environment
 Fire-threat detection and suppression system
 24 x 7/365 critical monitoring/disaster prevention
 24 x 7/365 manned facility
 24 x 7/365 restricted and secure access to facilities

The Servers

Our shared hosting web servers are specifically built and designed for a 24/7 web-serving environment. We host on a variety of software platforms, both Unix and Windows based. We maintain a very high ratio of server resources to customers -- you should never feel like you have to compete for resources.

Our servers use RAID hard disk arrays for redundancy, and are all connected to a dedicated data back-up system in case of hardware failure. Our emergency back-up plan includes hot-ready standby servers and spare components on site.

Do you have specialized or dedicated hardware needs? We do that, too! We can custom build, configure and manage a server to suit your specific needs or application. Alternatively, you can build your own server and co-locate into our advanced network.

What it all means:

We combine our personal talents and technical knowledge to provide you the best hosting and domain name resources available -- all at a great price.

We will always remember that our success depends on your success. So, please, give us a call or email to let us know how we can help meet your web hosting and domain registration needs.


If you would like more information about any of our services, please feel free to contact us.1-780-701-7282 or e-mail

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