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Step 1: Get a Web Address
Step 2: Build a Web Site
Step 3: Host Your Web Site
Step 4: Promote Your Web Site

Get your Web Address

Before you set up a web site, you need to register a domain name. A domain name gives your web site an easy-to-remember address, such as or

Register a domain name before you build your web site!

If you can't find the web address you want in a .com extension, try a .info, .biz or country-code domain.

Select from a variety of domain extensions

  • .com - unrestricted, popular extension indicates commercial use
  • .net - unrestricted but intended for ISPs and Internet-related companies
  • .org - unrestricted but intended for non-profit use
  • .info - unrestricted and intended for information-based sites
  • .biz - exclusively for business web sites

Now you need to find out about building a web site

Build a Web Site

The size and complexity of web sites vary. Depending on the purpose, your site can be anything from a one-page business card site, a simple brochure or personal web site to a more sophisticated business or corporate site.

  • Beginner Web Presence: Our Bronze package includes up to 5  web pages that are easy to set up and update. It's easy to add an image (logo or photo), text and links for an immediate web presence. You can also set up an e-mail address containing your new domain name. For ex.
  • Design Your Own Web Site: You can create a web site of any size yourself by learning the basic page design language, HTML, or by using web editing software, such as Microsoft FrontPage® or Macromedia Dreamweaver.
  • Hire a Web Designer: If you lack the time, software, or training to build a more complex web site, we can build one for you. Click here for more info.

Have a site? Now you need to connect it to the World Wide Web through a web host. >>

Host Your Web Site

A web hosting company connects your web site to the Internet so people around the world can view and visit your site. At the heart of a web hosting company is a data center, home to servers that have high-speed connections to the Internet.

There are different levels of web hosting packages to choose from depending on the size and complexity of your site. ITS Group Information Technology hosting solutions starts at only $9.95 a month, which includes Stealth Anti-Virus and Spam Control..

Shared Web Site Hosting Plans

In a shared environment, your site shares space with other web sites on a single server. These sites are inexpensive and offer lots of room for growth.

  • Bronze: For personal or small business web sites
  • Silver: For larger sites that need more space and features
  • Gold: For established businesses that receive lots of traffic.
  • Platinum: Deluxe package with all the bells and whistles.

Looking for more? You can easily sell products or services online with our Ezshop e-commerce storefrront, or add live video or audio footage using media streaming.

Sophisticated Web Site Hosting Plans

Dedicated Servers: Businesses that require more resources can host on one or more servers dedicated servers for greater space, speed, security and stability.

Managed Services: We offer consultation, customization, backup, security, firewalls, port monitoring, and more to customers with complex web sites or applications.

Once you're up and running, you're ready to promote your site >>

Promote Your Web Site

Once you have your business online, you need to make sure people can find it. Here are some of the best ways to do this.

  • Search Engine Optimization - Find out how to get your web site listed on search engines so that when people enter a keyword into a search engine, your site ranks high in the search results.
  • Advertising - Include your web address in all communications from newspaper and yellow pages ads to business cards and letterhead to help direct visitors to your site.
  • Links - Supply applicable industry or organizational sites relating to your business with a link to your site.

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